Later in 2014, Lennings song "B-12" will be featured on....wait for it...wait for it....DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION! Teenage drama abounds in LenningsLand, people. More details as it gets closer. Stay tuned.  


 Weird promo for a show with our siblings Wiretree. 


 Our Balcony TV performance of an unreleased song called "Creek"



Focus your eyes, hypnotize, and synchronize...  


In case you missed it, here is a link to our song "B-12" being played on MTV's "Underemployed".  Skip to 4:18 and you'll hear it come in as the ideal backdrop for the girl describing THE BEST SEX SHE'S EVER HAD:




“B-12” is the second track off the new full length album by The Lennings, and it was recently featured on episode 108 of the MTV show “Underemployed”.


The central theme of the album “Inside” is the feeling of finding comfort amid turmoil. “B-12” is a song based on the simple idea of being considerate of other people’s needs, focusing on a vitamin (in this case, vitamin B-12) being put out on the counter by someone for their loved one to take the following morning.

Episode 108 of MTV’s “Underemployed” aired in the same week as “Lennings - Inside” was released in December 2012.





Lennings song "Hologram" featured on KLRU's "The Daytripper"!



Stubb's Austin, TX September 15th





Poster design by the great Chase Maclaskey.



Lennings will be opening for Delta Rae at Stubbs on Saturday September 15th!  











This is from our set this past Saturday night at Skinny's Ballroom.  So sad to see that place go.  RIP.